[ Famous photo spot “Kinkakuji Temple” / Kyoto ]

"Kinkakuji Temple"

Everyone who travels to Kyoto is certain to visit “Kinkakuji Temple”.
It covered in gold!! If you visit here, you will surely be amazed by this breathtaking sight!
This temple is so popular in Kyoto that there are many tourists to see it all year round.
Also it is a very popular location for school trips too, so you might see Japanese students if your visit here.
After entering you will walk through the beautiful temple gardens and past serene ponds until you arrive at the unmistakable temple covered in glittering gold.
Almost 20 kilograms of gold leaf covers every side of the temple.
On top of temple, there stands a golden statue of a bird which invites happiness.
It was built in 1397 in the Muromachi Era by Ashikaga Yoshimitsu, the third Shogun of Japan.
The eighth Shogun, Ashikaga Yoshimasa, built Ginkakuji (Silver Temple) in Kyoto.
Why not try visiting both of these incredible places on your visit to Kyoto?

[Information] Kinkakuji Temple (Golden Temple)
■Open: 9:00-17:00 (7 days a week)
■Administration cost: Adults 400 yen / 16 and under 300 yen
■Address: 〒603-8361
1 Kinkakujimachi, Kita-ku, Kyoto-City, Kyoto-Fu
■TEL: +81-75-461-0013
■URL: http://www.shokoku-ji.jp/flash/flash.html
■Access: Nearest station is Kyoto station
30 minutes by bus from Kyoto station (#101, #205),
get off “Kinkakuji-do” and 1 minute walk.

A golden statue of a bird which invites happiness.  The beautiful temple garden.