[Studying Japanese: How to count the number in Japanese②]

Studying Japanese: How to count the number in Japanese②

Good evening! It was the new week.
Did you read the article last week?

I’ll study Japanese number today!
This time is “how to use the “Wago” number”.

In Japan, we will put a word behind numbers.
That words change by an object.
But, “Tsu” is often put on in case of “wago” number.

Here we go! lesson!

Let’s attach “tsu” to “Wago” number.
3=mi-tsu (mittsu)
4=yo-tsu (yottsu)
6=mu-tsu (muttsu)
8=ya-tsu (yattsu)
9=koko-tsu (kokonotsu)

Just put at “Tsu” behind the number easily. It’s possible to count the number or the age with this.
By the way, the word within brackets is rather common. Also, “10” of “to-o” are used just as it is.

Well, we often use other words when counting numbers with “Wago” number.
For example, “Taba”. This is used for “the bunch” such as “bouquet”.
One bundle of bouquet = HanaTaba hito-taba (はなたば ひと たば).

Others, “Fusa”. This is used in banana or something like a grape.
One bunch of grapes = Budou hito-Fusa (ぶどう ひと ふさ).

There are other ones, but today is the end.
It’s easy Japanese, so I’ll try it out!