[ Movie:special Matcha sweets “Kaminari Issa” @ Asakusa / Tokyo ]

Do you want to drink “Matcha” (powdered green tea) if you come to Japan?
And you feel free to like the “cafe”.

“Kaminari Issa” at Asakusa is the store specializing in “Matcha”.
This shop has a couch of “tatami”, you can drink “Matcha” willingly in there.
There are also “Matcha” taste ice cream or “Matcha” parfait and so on.
I feel like this shop contains lots “Matcha” than other shops.

Well, at the entrance of this shop, there is “stone mill”.
At all times, you can enjoy the process of making the “Matcha” had ground the tea leaves.

If you come to Asakusa, you try to visit “Kaminari-Issa”.

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[ Information ] “Kaminari-Issa”
Un-regular holiday
1-15-9, Hanakawado, Taito-ku, Tokyo
■TEL: +81-3-5812-9697
■URL: http://www.kaminari-issa.com/
10-minute walk from “Tobu Asakusa Station” or Tokyo Metro Asakusa Station.