[ “Jigoku-Meguri” ( “Umi-Jigoku” ) @ Beppu/ Oita ]

There are eight "Jigoku" in "Beppu".

In Japan, we call the state that emitting gas, boiling water and heat mud spouting out from underground is “Jigoku” (Hell).
In Beppu, Oita Prefecture, you are possible to do “Jigoku-meguri” (Visiting around hell). There are eight “Jigoku” places dotted.

Every “Jigoku” is individual, but the recommendation in particular is the biggest “Umi-Jigoku” (Sea hell) in “Beppu-Jigoku”.
It is appointed in the famous place of the country.

The color of “Umi-Jigoku” is the azure blue, so it seems to be cool visually. But it is high temperature water of 98 degrees centigrade!
This color is a thing with iron sulfate which is ingredients in the hot spring.
The place where boiling water blows up from an intermittent spring is the “Jigoku” itself.
It is the recommended spot that can feel breath of the overwhelming earth nearby.

I recommended you to eat the popular steamed pudding and to use footbath.
A victoria lily and a water lily are cultivated using hot spring heat. And you can enjoy the admiration of the flower at the flowering time.

[ Information ] The Beppu Jigoku Association
■Open: 8am-5pm
■Admission fee: “Jigoku-meguri”
One person:
Adult 2,100yen
High school: 1,350yen
Junior high school: 1,000yen
Under Junior high school: 900yen
559-1 Kannawa, Beppu-City, Oita
■TEL: +81-977-66-1577
■URL: http://www.beppu-jigoku.com/images/English0.pdf
About 15 minutes by taxi from the “Beppu” station (About 1,500yen)

"Umi-Jigoku".  Victoria lily and a water lily flowering in the "Jigoku".