[ Today’s famous “Sakura” spot-3 : “Toden Arakawa line” & “Arakawa shizen kouen” @Tokyo ]

[ Today's famous "Sakura" spot-3 : "Toden Arakawa line" & "Arakawa shizen kouen" @Tokyo ]

Today’s famous “Sakura” spot is “Toden Arakawa line” at Arakawa-ku, Tokyo.

“Toden” means a streetcar. In Kanto, a streetcar runs only in three places. And one spot is the “Arakawa line”.

“Toden Arakawa line” is a streetcar running from the “Minowabashi” station to “Waseda” station for about one hour.

There are four places for viewing the “sakura” spot along “Arakawa line”.
This time, I will introduce you one spots of the “sakura”, “Arakawa shizen kouen” (nature park) (Arakawa-ku / Tokyo).

It is a park chosen as “100 new Tokyo views” of Tokyo. You can enjoy a “Somei-yoshino” in the large gardens.
You can also see the “sakura” which is in full bloom from the streetcar.

[ Information ] “Toden Arakawa line”
■The first train and the last train:
Around 5:20 – around 23:00
(First and last train time changes by a station you take. Please confirm the timetable)
■Fare: One station, 170 yen (Over Junior high school) / 90 yen (6-11 years old, till elementary school )/ free (Under 1 year old)
■Full bloom of the average year:
From the end of March to the middle of April
■URL: http://tobus.jp/tlsys/navi? LCD=e

“Arakawa shizen kouen” (nature park)
Soon from “Toden Arakawa line” “Arakawa 2cho-me” stop.■Address:
25-3 Hacho-me, Arakawa, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo
■Close: Every month, first Thursday and third Thursday. And New Year’s holiday (until December 29 – next year January 3).
■Fee: Free
■URL: http://arakawasizen-koen.com/english/ (English and Japanese)

東京都荒川区荒川8丁目25-3 区立荒川自然公園