[Japanese Doll Shop “Kyugetsu”@Taito-ku]

Japanese Dolls

In Japan, there is a traditional doll called “Japanese doll(Nihon-Ningyou)”.

Japanese doll has a long history, in Jomon Era, people made it in the soil .
And Heian era, it was made the shape of a human with paper or cloth.
In the Edo era, it became the current form.
“Kyugetsu” was founded in the Edo era, it is manufacturing wholesaler of dolls representing Japan.
The face of Japanese doll is important.
Kyugetsu’s doll master craftsman have made is very beautiful face.
Dolls kimono of embroidery are also politely, I am very surprised.
Japanese doll is might be expensive, please try to buy by all means.

Kyugetsu makes a special racket(“Hagoita”) every year. It is drawn people in the news this year.

[ Information ] Kyugetsu
Weekday 9:15~18:00
Saturday,Sunday and a national holiday
1-20-4 Yanagibashi Taito-ku Tokyo
■TEL: +81-3-5687-5176
■URL: http://www.kyugetsu.com/e/index.html
1 minute walk from Asakusabashi station at JR Soubu Line or Toei Asakusa subway Line

Japanese bride doll  Kabuto(Japanese helmet)  Kyugetsu head office