[FUKURODA FALLS ~famous falls in Japan(Ibaraki)]

“Fukuroda falls” are classified as one of the three famous falls in Japan.
The water cascades fall against a giant rock cliff in four sections, so they are also called “Four-section falls”.
“Fukuroda falls” are called alias “Yodonotaki”.
“Yodonotaki” means Falls coming to see four times.
Because,”Saigyo”(a Japanese monk and poet in the Heian Era), had praised Fukuroda falls for their beauty.
He said you cannot understand its beauty unless watching it in four seasons.
You can enjoy it in all seasons, but particular early summer and autumn are recommended.
[ Information ] FUKURODA FALLS
8:00-18:00 (May to October)
9:00-17:00 (November to April)
No closing days
■Address: 3-19, Fukuroda, Daigo-machi, Ibaraki-ken
■TEL: +81- 295-72-4036
■URL: http://database.ibarakiguide.jp/db_kanko/…
By car: About 50 min. from Naka Inter Change of Joban express way.
By train: Getting off at Fukuroda station of JR Suigo-line and about 10 min.