[ Convenient cleaning tools ~Part2~ ]

Cups with the stain of the coffee.

Countdown of the end of the year had begun!
I’ll introduce the “Oo-souji”‘s (a general cleaning) tools, continuously to the last time.
I like to introduce the tools usable for cleaning spots of the wall and the cooker.
“Geki-ochi-kun” (The sponge which removes spots very much) :
Spots of the floor, wall and cooker doesn’t be come off easily, isn’t it? You will get tired very much, even if you clean it.
In such a case, it is very convenient by using this “Geki-ochi-kun”.
Please look at the picture. Usually you can’t drop the stain of the cup with the regular sponge. But by using this “Geki-ochi-kun”, you can remove the stain easily. Besides, this “Geki-ochi-kun” can remove spots only with water without using the detergent!
Because you don’t use the detergent, it is economical and is eco-friendly.
Do you want to use your house and the favorite kitchen’s tools neatly as long as possible? I do.
“Geki-ochi-kun” grants such a wish.

[ Information ] You can purchase it at “Daiso” (100yen shop)
1) “Daiso” Shinjyuku Subnade shop
Open throughout the year
Shinjuku Subnade underground shopping area,
1-2-2, Kabuki-chyo, Shinjyuku, Tokyo
■URL: http://www.daisoglobal.com/
10 minute walk from the “Shinjyuku station” East exit

Can't remove the stain with a regular sponge.  You need only water to remove the stain. Before.  After. Cups became clean!
東京都新宿区歌舞伎町1-2-2 サブナード