[A magical place, ”Arashiyama” in Kyoto ~Part 1~]

Togetsukyo and colored leaves

Surely ”Arashiyama” is one of the most attractive and popular spots in the world!

In spring, cherry blossoms cover the area with delicate shades of pink, and in autumn the leaves produce a glorious display of color. You will certainly be fascinated by the incredible scenery…
If you want to enjoy the beautiful riverside scenery then you have lots of different choices.
If you want to avoid the crowds, you might like to take the tram service (Sagano Romantic Train) to the upriver area, then try a boat tour.
You can sail down the river in 20-30 minutes in a wooden boat.
During the tour, you will encounter covered boats, which sell a variety of different foods.
Of course you can buy anything that takes your fancy and eat it on your boat. It’s a wonderful and memorable experience!

When you return, I recommend that you walk along the long bridge named ”Togetsukyo”. ”Togetsukyo” is one of the main landmarks in Arashiyama. The name originated from the local folk belief that the moon walked along this bridge!
Next time I will introduce a nearby Japanese-style restaurant of ”Togetsukyo”

It was to enjoy the next time!

[Information ] Tram (Sagano Romantic Train)
■Open: Irregular holiday
■Fee: Adult 620yen / Child 310yen
■URL: http://www.sagano-kanko.co.jp/
■Access: 20 minutes’ walk from Saga-Arashiyama Station

In a wooden boat  Arashiyama tram Sell a variety of different foods