[Today’s Japanese word “Tenmangu shrine”]

天満宮 "Tenmangu shrine"

Today’s Japanese word “Tenmangu shrine”.

In Japan, there are “temple” (“tera”) and “shrine” (“jinjya)” and “Tenmangu shrine”.
There is a big difference in each.
・The temple is a place “monks” dwells.
・The shrine is a place “a variety of Gods” enshrine.
・The Tenmangu shrine is a place “Ten-jin god” (heavenly god) enshrine.

Today, I introduce “Tenmangu shrine”.
“Heavenly gods” originally meant the thunder.
Why did “thunder” become “heavenly gods”?
Why did “heavenly gods” become “god of study”?
Old Japanese people was very afraid of thunder.
I think, they thought thunder is “god’s anger.”
So, they were deify the thunder as heavenly gods.

“Sugawara Michizane” was lived in the Heian era, he was a genius.
But, he had made the misfortune death.
His soul becomes a demon, and it has caused a storm of thunder in imperial court.
People was given God’s title (Ten-jin god) in order to appease the that soul.
Then, genius “Sugawarano michizane” is called Ten-jin god , this is the beginning of the god of study as the Tenmangu .
In the exam season, a lot of students will pray to pass exam.

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"Sugawarano michizane"  people pray to pass exam.