March 2023:”Sakura” (The cherry Blossoms) Box

This month’s theme is “Sakura” (the cherry blossoms). In Japanese spring, “Sakura” trees will be started blossoming all at once.

As a flower symbolizing spring, “Sakura” is familiar to Japanese people, and the majority of Japanese like “Sakura”. The most beautiful period of cherry blossoms is very short, which is compared to the fragility of life.

“Sakura” is one of the special flowers in Japan. For example, the flowering of “Sakura” is used as a signal to start agriculture in ancient days. In Japan, it is said that the “god of the mountains” during the winter becomes the “god of the fields” and comes down to the village in the spring. In the olden days, Japanese people recognized that when the “Sakura” flower bloomed, it was a sign that the “god of the field” had arrived. And “Sakura”, which blooms as a sign of that spring, has been handed down as an auspicious flower.

Well, we will enjoy “Hanami” (cherry blossom viewing) during the short “Sakura” peak period. When Sakura is in full bloom, the Japanese gather under the Sakura trees and do picnic parties to enjoy the dazzling “Sakura” as well as food and drinks. Daytime “Hanami” is wonderful, but the cherry blossoms that were lighted up at night are exceptional. It is called “Yozakura” (Night cherry blossoms). In parks that are famous for “Hanami”, you can enjoy lighting up the “Sakura” for a limited time and enjoy the “Yozakura”. However, even “Sakura” that is not lit up can be enjoyed in the moonlight, which
makes you feel very elegant. The “Sakura” pleases us very beautifully in the daytime at night all day.

This March, it’s our pleasure to deliver the beauty of the Sakura, an icon of Japan to you. You are going to discover a wide range of Sakura-themed homeware and stationery, which will invite you instantly to Japan’s springtime.

The Lifestyle Box

1. “Fuji-zakura” ceramic bowl (1 item)
“Fuji-zakura” is a cherry tree with small flowers that range in color from white to light pink. It is a bowl that brings gorgeousness to the table. You can always keep beautiful “Sakura” at hand…

2. “Sakura” ceramic plate (1 item)
This plate is as beautiful as cutting out the beautiful scenery of cherry blossoms in full bloom. What would
you like to serve on this easy-to-use plate?

3. Aizu-nuri “SakuraFubuki” Soup Bowl (1 item)
It is a soup bowl of “Aizu-nuri” (Aizu lacquer) that is light, hard to break, and easy to use. This soup bowl expresses the atmosphere of “Sakurafubuki” (blizzard of cherry blossoms).

4. Sakura-printed chopsticks (each 1 color)
These chopsticks are printed with a picture of cherry blossoms falling on the surface of the water. These chopsticks are made from natural bamboo.

5. “Sakura” Chopstick rest (1 item)
Cute “Sakura” petal-type chopstick rest. Just place it casually on the dining table and your heart will
soften. You can use it in various ways with your ideas.

6. “Sakura” medium bowl (1 item)
It’s a very easy size to use when putting in juice and fruit. This design is the best that you won’t
get tired of using every day! 

7. Mino-Yaki black small bowl (1 item)
A small black bowl with a subtle cherry blossom pattern. It’s good to put the sauce in, but you can put your accessories in it, and the usage is endless depending on your ideas! Hand wash only.

Originated from Gifu Prefecture, Mino-yaki (Mino ware) is Japan’s most popular
pottery. Its history is said to date back to 1300 years ago

8. 100% cotton Japanese pattern handkerchief (1 item)
A beautiful handkerchief with an auspicious “Kikkougara” (tortoise pattern) and “Sakura”. The large size
allows you to wrap your lunch, decorate the wall, or use it as a luncheon mat. Of course, it is also ideal to carry around as a handkerchief!

9. “Sakura” Letter Paper (1 item)
Because it is a pattern of beautiful Japanese “Sakura” atmosphere, you may be able to deliver healing to those who received the letter. Of course, This is a letter paper that can be used both for memo writing and letter.

10. “Sakura” Landscape Post Card (1 item)
This is a watercolor painting style postcard. This postcard depicts Cherry Blossoms at “Kyoto gosho” (Kyoto Imperial Palace). Kyoto Imperial Palace is one of the famous places in Kyoto.



The Number of items: 10.