[ “Aki-no-mikaku” (autumn taste) series: “Budo” (葡萄) ]


In Japan, a lot of types of “Budo” (grapes) are planted.
It appears in the market in Japan as fruit of autumn.

The kind of the grape is abundant.
I heard that there are over 100 kinds of grapes.

The kinds of a representative “Budo” (Japanese seed) is the follows.

1) “Kyohou” (巨峰) : It is called the “King of the grape” from old days. Taste is thick and it has a strong sweetness and sourness.
2) “Koushu” (甲州) : It is traditional Japanese grape. It was only recognized as the kind for Japanese wine in the world.
3) “Shigyoku” (紫玉), “Fujiminori” (藤稔) : It is the grape of the biggest grain of “Kyohou”. A grain and the size of the bunch are the best. It is juicy and is worth being fresh and young.
4) “Tamayutaka” (多摩豊) : It is “Kyohou” colored white (green). The grain is small and has round form. There is no seed.
5) “Sekirei” (赤嶺) : It is the pronoun of a red grape of “Yamanashi”. It has elegant taste. It is the grape which is extreme popularity.

There are several kinds elsewhere, but the kind mentioned above is planted all over Japan.

There is an event called “Budo-gari” (grape picking) in Japan. We go to “Budo” farm to pick grapes off from the tree.
You can enjoy picking and eating the grapes for about around 1, 000 yen.

The period of “Budo-gari ” is possible from the August to the start of November.

"Koushu"  "Tamayutaka" (*Photo is image.)  "Budo-gari" in "Budo" farm.