[Pray victory on football game ~ Shiramine Jinguh Shrine @ Kyoto]


Many football fan and players worship at Shiramine Jinguh Shrine in Kyoto.
This shrine worship the god of the sport, especially ball game.
In this shrine’s garden, many balls have been displayed. They are dedicated from the professional soccer league (J-League) players and professional volleyball in Japan national team of football.

If you pray? You may believe it.
So, after the baseball team without winning a championship was worship at all in this shrine, they were also won the championship. Sportsman has visited to worship from all over the Japan.

I explain the origin of faith, particularly the origin of the ball and ball game.
This area is involved with “Kemari” before the Meiji-period (1868-1910). “Kemari” is the Japanese traditional game which is lifting ball.

You are surprising, traditional “Kemari” is playing in this shine at yearly festival now!
This festival is twice every year. Players of Kemari-game are dressed with historical costume. They dedicate “Kemari”.

[ Information ] Shiramine Jinguh Shrine
8:00~17:00 365days
261 Asukai-cho, Kamigyo-dist, Kyoto-city, Kyoto
■TEL: +81-75-441-3810
■URL: http://shiraminejingu.or.jp/english/
8 minutes walking from Kyoto-subway Karasuma-line “Imadegawa station” No4 entrance

many balls have been displayed  shrine's garden Shiramine Jinguh Shrine