[Nice shopping of “Tax-free” items and souvenirs @ “Don Quijote.” in Asakusa] 

The popular face masks

Do you know the shop called “Don Quijote.”

“Don Quijote.” is a comprehensive discount store that represents Japan.

This store’s overwhelming inexpensiveness and entertainment are very popular.

Finding what you want from a lot of Japanese goods, it is so much fun like a treasure hunt .

The kinds of the handling product are abundant!

For example, there are dozens of the popular face masks, Japanese cosme, Drugs, Home electronics, all-you-can choose!

And, there is the very good service in “Don Quijote.”

It is that you can reserve the “Tax-free” items (reservation) by using the special site.
Needless to say, all right even from overseas.

Special site will be displayed in 6 languages, in Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Korean, English, Thai, Japanese.

This system is possible also to receive at “Don Quijote.” througthout Japan.

If you ask the shop anywhere, you can receive the goods.

Many tourists buy a lot of souvenirs of Japan in “Don Quijote” in Asakusa, because many tourists come from all over the world to Asakusa.

“Don Quijote.” is very fun!

[ Information ] Don Quijote Asakusa
24 hours a day
No regular holiday
2-10 Asakusa,Taito-ku ,Tokyo
■TEL: +81-3-5826-2511
■URL: http://www.donki.com/
Subway Ginza line Tawaramachi Station 5-minute walk
Tsukuba Express line Asakusa Station 3-minute walk

Japanese souvenirs "Maneki-neko"(welcoming cat)  Japanese souvenirs(magnet) “Don Quijote.” Asakusa