[Introduction of New Year’s Eve@JAPAN]

Major cleanup in Shrines.

Today, we introduction of New Year’s Eve@JAPAN.

When Christmas ends, we’ll be New Year’s mood.
So, I will introduce some of the New Year’s Eve events.

・Major cleanup
Shrines and temples also will major cleanup.
Famous temple’s major cleanup tells in the newspaper and television. It is the seasonal news.

Some shrine display the “Chinowa”( “kaya” grass hoop [plants of the sedge family]).
By passing under “Chinowa”, it is the ritual to purify the mind and body.
“Chinowa” is displayed in the summer and the end of the year.

In the time zone sandwiching the midnight of December 31, we strike the bell 108 times in many temples.
It is called “Joya-no-Kane” (bells ringing out the old year)
In “Joya-no-Kane”, 107 times of 108 times strike the December 31(Old year), and the rest one time strike the January 1 (New Year).

There are other several events also, and Japanese will celebrate the New Year.

We hope every happiness in the coming New Year.

"Chinowa"  "Joya-no-Kane" in Temple.