[ Convenient cleaning tools ~Part1~ ]

“Plastic bottle brush”.

The end of the year is coming soon. Do you perform any regular events at the end of the year in your country?
In Japan, we do “Oosouji” (major house cleaning) at everywhere such as our house, school, and office.
We clean up the places which are usually hard to be cleaned at the everyday cleaning. For 2 or 3 hours, we clean up whole house thoroughly.
I’d like to introduce the usable tools for daily cleaning.
This time is the “Plastic bottle brush” and the “The brush including detergent”.
1) “Plastic bottle brush” (Photo 1-3):
You use the “Plastic bottle brush” to clean the sashes of the window. Attached this brush to the plastic bottle including water. By this way, you can clean the sashes with the brush while pouring water. It is two birds with one stone!
2) “The brush including detergent” (Photo 4-6):
When you clean the sink, “The brush including detergent” is usable. At first you put the detergent inside the brush, and then the detergent flows out from this brush. You only just brush up it afterward. The putting acts of detergent will decrease.
In Japan, you can purchase it at the “100 yen shop” such as “DAISO”, “Can★Do” and general merchandising stores.
Do you want to try it?
Next time (at Saturday), I will introduce you other kind of cleaning tools.
See you next time!

[ Information ] “DAISO”
1) “DAISO” Shinjyuku Subnade shop
10am~21pm Open throughout the year
Shinjuku Subnade underground shopping area,
1-2-2, Kabuki-chyo, Shinjyuku, Tokyo
■URL: http://www.daisoglobal.com/
10 minute walk from the “Shinjyuku station” East exit

Water comes out.  You can clean the sashes with a brush while giving water. “The brush which a detergent is in”.  You can put the detergent inside the brush.  Detergent comes out, cleaning becomes easy.
東京都新宿区歌舞伎町1-2-2 サブナード