[ Winter favorite food, “Niku-man” (肉まん) @ convenience stores ]

The ingredient materials difference between "Niku-man" and "Pizza-man" is clear at a glance. Both are delicious!

Originally “Niku-man” refers to “Chinese steamed bun” (中華饅頭) which came from China.

There is a “Niku-man” like a genuine “Chinese steamed bun”, but there is also the “Niku-man” which evolved originally in Japan.

“Niku-man” is steamd, so it’s very hot!! Please be careful to eat it.

Now, these types of “Niku-man” are sold in Japan.

1) “Niku-man” (肉まん)
It is the most popular “Niku-man”. Ground meat are in “Niku-man”.
It is nearly a original “Chinese steamed bun” sold in China.
Around Kansai region, it’s called “Buta-man” (豚まん).

2) “An-man”(あんまん)
It is the most popular “Niku-man” too.
But azuki bean jam is in the bun in substitution for meat. Rather than staple food, it is eaten as dessert.

It is Japanese original “Niku-man”.
Tomato sauce and cheese are contained inside it. It tastes like eating a tender pizza. The bun of it is orange.

It is Japanese original “Niku-man” too.
Curry is contained inside it. It tastes like eating a nan bread with curry.
The bun of it is yellow.
More kinds of “Niku-man” are sold by an area, time and a convenience store in Japan.

If you came to Japan, I want you to eat a variety of “Niku-man”!

The hotness of the curry paste in the "Curry-man" is different by a convenience store. And a bun's color is yellow. You can know whether it is sellout immediately.  The bun's color of the "Niku-man" is white. It becomes the pizza, bun's are orange. ”Niku-man” is a food which came formerly from China.