[Asakusa ~Tokyo’s leading sightseeing spot~]

Many people takes pictures in front of "Kaminarimon".

Asakusa is one of downtown areas of Tokyo. And it is an outstanding sightseeing spot in Tokyo.
“Senso-ji Temple” and “Nakamise Shopping Street”, “Asakusa Hanayashiki” (amusement park) are the landmarks in Asakusa.
And a lot of foreign tourists visit there any time as well as Japanese, too.
Asakusa is good for sightseeing, good for shopping, and good for experience the Japanese culture.
Please come to Asakusa where triple time gathered!
There is the delicious food such as a mitarashi dumpling and sweet bean jelly or dorayaki too.
I would tell you about attractions of Asakusa in detail on the next time.
Please expect it.

[ Information ] Asakusa
■URL: http://www.asakusa-kankou.com/accessmap.html(Asakusa Kankou.com)
Ginza Line and Toei Asakusa Line
Get off at “Asakusa Station”

Nakamise Shopping Street  Asakusa Hanayashiki