[ Sushi socks ]

Its looking is real !!

Do you like “sushi”?

This time I’d like to introduce not real sushi, but a little eccentric souvenir.
I think you had wondered what you should buy for a souvenir.
I push you to add “Sushi socks” to one of the candidates!
Please look at the photograph. Don’t you think it looks like a real sushi?
It becomes a socks when you open it.
It express all the sushi material part in a knitting technology not print.
This is the Japanese quality.
How about buying it as a souvenir for your friend, of course to oneself too. And wear the “sushi socks” not to eat!

[ Information ] Tokyo City i (JP Tower Kitte)
Closed: Only at 1/1 and The 4th Sunday in February
JP Tower Kitte B1
■URL: http://en.tokyocity-i.jp/
■E-mail: info@tokyocity-i.jp
■Access: Tokyo station
1 minute walk from the Marunouchi South exit
Direct connection from Tokyo Station underpass

Shrimp sushi socks  Sushi long socks.  "エビ" (ebi) = shrimp