December 2022 : “Engimono” (the Good Luck Symbol) Box

The theme of this December box is “Engimono” (The New year’s holiday).
We will make various preparations for the New Year.
In December, we will do “O-souji” (cleanup everywhere), and the cleaning is over, our house will be decorated with special items to welcome the new year. For example, a figurine called “Kadomatsu” decorations at the entrance, or a lease made of straw is called “shime-kazari”. Next, exchange the lucky charms that were decorated a year ago with new ones. Because we think the power of lucky charm is thought to run out in a year.

“Engimono” are various symbols of Japan that have been considered for centuries as a catcher of luck and happiness, wealth, good fortune, and more. In Japanese, small items representing said symbols are called “engimono” (lucky charms).

Well, it’s the new year! On January 1st, we eat a traditional dish called “Osechi”. This dish is all auspicious.
The days leading up to January 3rd are called “San-ga-nichi” and we hold many traditional events. For example, “Hatsu-yume”(First dream), “Kaki-zome”(first calligraphy), “Hatsumode” etc.
“Hatsumode” is the first visit to a shrine or temple after the New Year. It is a way of expressing gratitude for the past year and praying that the New Year will go smoothly. In fact, Japan’s “Hatsumode” is said to be the largest religious event in the world.

With these lucky charms by your side, we hope you’ll be more ready to tackle challenges and achieve your goals for this year! Wishing you all the best for 2023!


The Lifestyle Box


1. Mino-yaki Lapis lazuli golden dragon bowl (1 item)
A gorgeous rice bowl with a gold dragon pattern in a dark lapis lazuli color. The golden dragon is said to bring good luck and good fortune.

Originated from Gifu Prefecture, Mino-yaki (Mino ware) is Japan’s most popular pottery.
Its history is said to date back to 1300 years ago.

2. Hinoki Masu (1item)
It is a small “Masu” (measure). Its material of it is “Hinoki” (Japanese cypress). We may drink sake by “Masu” in our celebration. This “Masu” is made from the finest “Tono Hinoki” among the Japanese cypress. 

3. Chopstick (1 item)
4. “Tai” (sea bream) Shaped chopstick rest (1 item)
Special festive simplicity chopsticks for celebration, made in Japan. In Japan, “Tai” is a fish that is eaten on celebratory occasions. The “Tai” shaped chopstick rest will make New Year’s Day more festive.

5. “Usagi” (Rabbit) ceramic figurine (1 item)
The zodiac of Japan in 2023 is “Usagi” (Rabbit).
It is a “Usagi” motif ornament of earthenware pottery. This golden rabbit seems to be very auspicious!!

6. 100% cotton Lucky pattern towel(1 item)
It is a convenient towel with the motif of this year’s Eto “Usagi” rabbit. The printed “Japanese pattern” is also an auspicious traditional Japanese pattern.. It is made from 100% cotton.

7. Mino-yaki “Ichimatsu” (Checkered) pattern small bowl (1 item)
The ” Ichimatsu pattern” has the meaning of prosperity because the pattern continues without interruption. This chic and lustrous vessel is recommended for use during celebrations.

8. Mini “Kadomatsu” (1 item)
“Kadomatsu” is a Japanese traditional new year’s item that decorates the door from December to January 7. You can feel the New Year just by decorating “Kadomatsu”! “Kadomatsu” is burned at the shrine around January 15th every year. This is an event to ward off  misfortune.

9. paper balloon and “Take-tonbo” (bamboo dragonfly) (1 set)
It’s an old-fashioned toy. Contains 1 pair of paper balloons and a bamboo dragonfly. Have you ever played with this toy when you were a child?

10. “Usagi” Pochi-bukuro envelopes (1 item)
In Japan, pochi-bukuro envelopes are used for children’s New Year’s monetary gifts “Otoshi-dama” tips, message card envelopes, and other congratulatory purposes.

11.”Engimono” lucky charm sticker (1 item)
It is a sticker with a variety of ”Engimono” motifs. Stick them on various items such as notebooks and letters to increase your luck!

12. Postcard “Shishimai” (Lion dance) (1 item)
“Shishimai” is a traditional Japanese New Year dance in which an imaginary creature resembling a lion dance to festival music. It is said that if you get bitten on the head by “Shishimai”, it will bring good luck, but children are very frightened.

The Number of items: 12.